Story elements engage the brain

Whether you’re reading a mystery or watching a movie, stories can stir up a host of emotions. But according to Angus Fletcher, a professor of story science, stories often employ elements that engage the brain in other ways, too. From the plot twist to the “serenity elevator,” Dr. Fletcher shares eight story elements and how […]

Neural “Fingerprints”

We all share events in life that are common: a memorable dance, attending a wedding, eating at a friend’s house. As a result, our brain activity based on those experiences is similar. At the same time, each of us is unique, and we express a different neural “fingerprint”—a recognizable but unique pattern—in our memories of […]

Vaping associated with mental fog

Two new studies show that just as with smoking cigarettes, vaping is associated with higher rates of mental fog. Both children and adults who vape reported more problems with attention, memory, and decision-making than people who neither smoked nor vaped. These studies add to the growing body of work that suggests vaping is not a […]