ADHD and emotional difficulties

ADHD and anxiety often occur together. Feeling anxious can fuel flashes of anger. Kids who are worried and anxious about something are already emotional and on edge. And it doesn’t take much to tip over to anger. Kids with ADHD can have a hard time with emotions in general. They tend to get stuck in […]

New research on why depression is more common in women

Did you know women are much more likely to suffer from depression than men? One group of researchers have uncovered a possible reason: that inflammation affects women’s brains differently than men’s, making them feel less joy and pleasure. That may mean that doctors treating women with chronic inflammatory disorders (such as asthma and rheumatoid arthritis) […]

What happens in the brain when your phone dings?

It can be surprising how much something small affects the brain. Take the example of getting a notification on your phone. How does the brain react? That’s the topic of that article “9 Shocking Things That Happen To Your Brain When You Get A Phone Or Email Notification” on

News in Alzheimer’s research

In the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s, there are two forms of damaging proteins: amyloid plaques and tau tangles. Now, scientists may have found a link between the two that may help them discover a way to stop the progression of the disease. More details here on

Why study bee brains?

A recent study has shown that although they have tiny brains, bees can match symbols (like “4”) to quantities. The researchers aren’t just interested in how smart bees are, though. According to lead scientist Adrian Dyer, this research could lead to “exciting new pathways for future communication across species” as well as “bio-inspired solutions” in […]

ADHD and motivation

Most children have things they’d much rather be doing than homework and chores. But they also have the ability to put those things aside and buckle down to do the task at hand when they have to. That’s not the case for many children with executive functioning issues, which includes many children with ADHD. For […]

No classes today 05 August!

Dear Parents and Students, Owing to the difficulty for everyone to go around town today, ALL CLASSES ARE CANCELLED TODAY Monday 5th August! Please stay safe!

The Brain and Gut team up to tell us when to drink water

How do we know when to drink more water—so we don’t suffer from dehydration—and when to drink less—so we don’t overhydrate? Scientists have discovered that “thirst cells” in the brain make the call—but they do it with input from molecules in the gut. Learn more about this gut-brain communication here