Exercise and brain health

Although scientists have known for some time that physical exercise is good for brain health, there is still work to be done on how different types of exercise affect the brain. A new study from the University Hospital Bonn in Germany sheds some light: it found that high-activity exercise engages affective/emotion processing networks, while low-intensity […]

Only one-on-one sessions at PowerBrain Rx!

Why one-on-one brain training sessions classes (such as what we do in PowerBrain Rx) are so much more effective than group classes, digital programs or even Skype sessions? The answer from one of the most reputed brain researcher in The US, John MEDINA, author of the best-seller “Brain Rules”: “The amount of information that a […]

Hearing aids may reduce risk of Dementia

Scientists have known for some time that hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Scientists still don’t know exactly why. One theory is that when your hearing is damaged, the brain must expend more effort to decode the sound signals it takes in, possibly at the expense of other […]

Could climate change affect our cognition?

Scientists know high concentrations of carbon dioxide can affect cognition—and thanks to climate change, carbon dioxide levels are on the rise. How bad might it be? While many scientists are skeptical it’s an immediate problem, one estimates that “our complex decision-making functions could be reduced by as much as half by the end of the […]