Anxiety in children

Anxiety in children for the most part coexists with other challenges & struggles such as ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties or Dyslexia. If you have a child struggling with Anxiety and would like to look a bit deeper about what may be causing the Anxiety, get in touch now to find out what we can do […]

COVID pandemic seriously affects mental health

It may not come as a surprise, but the COVID pandemic has created a spike in anxiety and depression in the U.S.—tripling symptoms, according to new studies. This is especially true among certain groups of people, including low-income people, young adults, and people of Asian descent. These increases are higher than for other traumatic events, […]

Beauty and the brain

How we understand what is “beautiful” is an age-old question. And scientists have a more specific question: Is the perception and processing of “beauty” centralized in one part of the brain (the “beauty center”) whether it’s a beautiful face, piece of art, or landscape? Or is it spread throughout the brain, depending on what it […]

When fiction starts to feel real

At one point or another, most of us have found ourselves really absorbed in a fictional story—almost as if real life falls away for a time. And often, we find ourselves closely identifying with one of the characters. When we do, it’s reflected in our brains. A new imaging study conducted on Game of Thrones […]

Socializing for grey matter

Research has previously shown that a rich social life can have cognitive benefits, but a new study takes it a step further. The study used a sensitive brain imaging tool to show that socially engaged older adults tend to have more robust grey matter in areas of the brain related to dementia. Does this mean […]