This is one of the largest-scale studies on ADHD and the brain. Researchers looked at MRI brain scans of more than 3,000 kids and adults.

The subjects included men and women, ranging in age from 4 to 63. A little more than half have ADHD. The scans were taken at 23 different locations in the United States, Europe, China and Brazil.

“This study just expanded something we already know—there are differences in brain structure in people with ADHD,” says Dr Brown. “Even though ADHD is a functional problem, it’s connected to something structural.”

This is therefore a reliable and significant study that confirms ADHD is a brain-based condition.

And while the study shows that kids’ brains seem to mature as they become adults, it doesn’t mean ADHD symptoms go away. ADHD is a lifelong condition. But there are effective treatments and strategies that can help, like the cognitive and behavioural training at PowerBrain Rx.

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