Expressive Arts Therapy

Imbrace Artraining Center


Coming from various expertises, such as art education and counseling, the team members are trained in Master of Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology.
Since 2018, Imbrace has been serving more than 20 organizations in Hong Kong, mainly in educational and counseling fields. Their clientele includes children, children with SEN, youths, adults, couples, parents, family and mentally challenged individuals. Programs and sessions are designated to cater specific needs and goals.

What is Expressive Arts therapy (EXA)?


EXA is an interdisciplinary approach, integrating the knowledge from psychology, aesthetic, arts and anthropology. It is also an integrated approach of different art modalities, such as visual arts, music, drama, dance and movement, and creative writing.


EXA has been practiced worldwide, such as in clinical settings, educational institutes and non-government organisations. The use of EXA has been increasing and gaining popularity among funded projects and front-line social workers in Hong Kong since 2004. EXA has been evaluated in academic research for its significant improvement in quality of life in clients.

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