I used to have a real problem to focus on my work and especially in class. I tried to remember as much as I could, but I simply coudn’t. PowerBrain Rx gave me the chance to see my strengths and weaknesses. With a great trainer we have worked on my weaknesses and I have realized that it really helps! I can concentrate more, I think faster than I used to, and most importantly I remember so much more! I have improved my work and for that I thank PowerBrain Rx!

Mathilde, 17 years-old

When I play “Minecraft” my mind is always full of creative houses and I want the build the best house. I am more focus in class when I am in school and in the choir class too. That is the reason why I got the “Special Award for Best Overall Improvement” recently !

Julian, 14 years-old

This training makes me feel much better in school or anywhere. It also helps me a lot in school.

Johnathan, 15 years-old

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