My Math has got better. I have a faster reaction time. My memory is better, I remember phone numbers and passwords more easily. I am more creative. My brain warms up faster. I can see my own mistakes more easily.

Ernie, 12 years-old

My 16 years-old son has struggled with his academic studies since he was 9 years-old! Focusing issues, maths fear, and learning difficulties… We used a lot of tutoring in maths, sciences to help him with his homework…with ups and downs… He has just followed a 2 weeks intensive course at Powerbrainrx, it was great!! He felt comfortable during the training, in a very warm and supportive atmosphere. The Powerbrainrx program was fun and challenging, and we quickly noticed a huge improvement in his way to deal with school. He has gained confidence and he feels himself more focused and better organised. He noticed the improvements and has asked for a follow-up program! He wants to go further! That’s the best result for a kid with learning issues, he doesn’t give up anymore!


My children have joined PowerBrain for almost 3 months. I found this program could provide comprehensive training to improve their weak areas. They provide pre-training assessment to identify, which areas they need to improve. The one-on-one training session can help to regularly review their progress and tailor made the programs to fit their needs. I found that they already showed improvement in their weak areas as soon as they finished one third of the program. They seemed to have better working memories, improved problem solving ability like mathematics, more logical thinking and better academic performance. Ms. Janet Yang and Mr. Christian are very nice to my children. They care about my children’s holistic development.Thankyou!

Mrs. HO

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