This training makes me feel much better in school or anywhere. It also helps me a lot in school.

Johnathan, 15 years-old

My Math has got better. I have a faster reaction time. My memory is better, I remember phone numbers and passwords more easily. I am more creative. My brain warms up faster. I can see my own mistakes more easily.

Ernie, 12 years-old

My 16 years-old son has struggled with his academic studies since he was 9 years-old! Focusing issues, maths fear, and learning difficulties… We used a lot of tutoring in maths, sciences to help him with his homework…with ups and downs… He has just followed a 2 weeks intensive course at Powerbrainrx, it was great!! He felt comfortable during the training, in a very warm and supportive atmosphere. The Powerbrainrx program was fun and challenging, and we quickly noticed a huge improvement in his way to deal with school. He has gained confidence and he feels himself more focused and better organised. He noticed the improvements and has asked for a follow-up program! He wants to go further! That’s the best result for a kid with learning issues, he doesn’t give up anymore!


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