When I went to all Justin’s Teacher/Parent meetings the first comment on Justin was that he was not focused nor concentrating in class. As a parent of course you are worried as he will not catch up with the rest of the class. The training at PowerBrain changed all that.
After training for a few sessions I can already see the changes. He would do all his homework in one go without wondering off in the middle. Now after a full year, at Teacher/Parent meetings I no longer get the same comment.
PowerBrain does wonders and I would highly recommend it.

Justin’s mother

It’s simple, really. The program is fun. The teachers are amazing. Moreover, I have made moon-bound progress handling my ADD; all by squeezing 1 hour from my after-school time going to PowerBrain instead using it to watch Youtube videos and play video games. My conclusion? Go for it!

Hayson, 16 years-old

We are thrilled with the progress that Otto has been making at Powerbrain and stemming from that the progress he is making in school. He has become a noticeably more focused student and is beginning to find real pleasure in his studies. Thank you.

Otto’s mother

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