Dear Mr. Hei,
Please find attached Heidi’s school report.  She has big improvements in her social behaviour in school during the past semester, while she used to get comments like “need encouragement to establish better relationships with classmates and need to control her emotions”.  Besides, her attention and concentration have also improved a lot.  I am really grateful to all the PowerBrainRx teachers and thank you so much!
I just went through the school teacher comments from the previous two years.  Each time, they mentioned issues like attention, emotional and social relationship problems.  What a big difference!  I almost burst into tears as I am so happy. Thank you so much! Please give her some more encouragement tomorrow.

Heidi’s parents

In 2018, at the age of 37, I had a stroke upon the delivery of my baby (who thankfully was unaffected).
The stroke affected my short term memory, my ability to speak and to concentrate and the mobility of some of my limbs.
I was advised to follow Brain Power sessions thus I did. Over a couple of weeks, I noticed a real improvement of all my cognitive skills, especially in terms of concentration skills and short term memory.Noticeable improvements continued over time and I believe that overall, my Brain Power sessions were a key factor in the recovery of my cognitive skills. I too would confidently recommend Brain power sessions to anyone in a similar situation.

Sophy Young-Rovetto

We have been looking for years to find a way to help our daughter. Most therapies worked initially and then plateaued. Christian, Connie and the team at PowerBrain have helped our daughter improve her processing speed, memory and concentration. Not only are they throughly professional, but they are great with children and genuinely enjoy working with them. If you have a child with special needs, I urge you to give PowerBrain a go.

John Carsten, October 2019

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