My husband and I have both been very impressed with what the trainers at Powerbrain do!
My son has progressed so much in the time that he’s been there; his focus at school is so much better, and his auditory and visual skills have vastly improved.
In school, we have seen considerable improvements; where he was achieving below his year level before, he is now at the basic or expected level. We are sure that with all the help that he is getting at Powerbrain, he will continue to thrive.
Thank you, Powerbrain(…). Your dedication, kindness, thoughtfulness and hard work have really paid off!

Elijah’s mother

Words can’t express our gratitude to all teachers at Powerbrain for helping shape Anders into a confident and much more focused learner in the classroom environment.
It did not take long before we saw the miraculous change in Anders’ behaviour in school. First, he said he was a lot less easily distracted. Soon after, it was the class teacher who emailed us twice in a week showing her appreciation towards his improved focus and becoming more engaged in class. Following all these were much more details from Anders himself about the types of class activities carried out during the day, instructions and work requirements from teachers, etc. Personality-wise, we have also noticed Anders’ growing confidence (not just in school, but in everything) and that he has become much more prepared for trying in times of difficulties and challenges (even if that may mean failures sometimes).
Thank you all for the love, care, patience and professionalism in coaching Anders in the past year.
I’m sure more children (and adults) will benefit from the programme with you all working as a dedicated team!

Anders’s mother

When I went to all Justin’s Teacher/Parent meetings the first comment on Justin was that he was not focused nor concentrating in class. As a parent of course you are worried as he will not catch up with the rest of the class. The training at PowerBrain changed all that.
After training for a few sessions I can already see the changes. He would do all his homework in one go without wondering off in the middle. Now after a full year, at Teacher/Parent meetings I no longer get the same comment.
PowerBrain does wonders and I would highly recommend it.

Justin’s mother

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