All children face learning challenges. How successful they are in school depends a lot on how they respond to those challenges. Do they give up easily? Do they decide they’re just not good at math, or science or writing?

One of the keys to helping them is to turn any kind of negative thinking into proactive thinking. “I can’t do it!” becomes: “How can I do this?” or “What can I do differently next time?” Learning specialists call this metacognition, which basically means thinking about thinking.

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要幫助他們,其中一個關鍵是把種種消極想法轉變成積極進取的思維。將「我做不到」變成「我怎樣才能做到 」,又或者「我下一次可以如何處理得更好」。教育專家稱這種做法為後設認知,即是思考如何去思考。

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