Getting kids ready and out the door for school is a daily struggle for many families.

Child Mind Institute psychologist David Anderson calls school mornings a “perfect storm” because kids and parents have a hefty list of things to accomplish and a limited amount of time to do it in. When the clock is ticking every moment counts, so if your kids would rather play on the iPad than brush their teeth, or can’t find their shoes or math homework (again), it’s easy to get frustrated. And that can make things worse…

See these tips to make school mornings more manageable:


很多家庭每天早上,都爲準備送孩子出門上學而掙扎。Child Mind Institute的心理學家David Anderson把上學的早晨稱為「完美的風暴」,因為孩子和父母都要在這短短的時間內,完成大大小小的一系列事項。當時間一分一秒的過去,孩子要玩iPad而不願刷牙,又或者(再次)找不到鞋子或數學功課時,你會容易變得沮喪及受挫。這可能會令事情變得更糟。