ADHD is a neurobiological disorder, which means it’s brain-based, and not caused by outside environmental factors. Mental health experts believe genetics might play a role in its development, as well as lifestyle behaviors like smoking or drinking during pregnancy.

So, it’s not that homework is causing ADHD. But we do know that the environment (we live in) can exacerbate symptoms. So the more time that children with ADHD have to sit, do homework and have no freedom for play, the more difficulty they’ll have — and the more apparent that will be to adults.

With the global shift in academic demands since the 1980s, it makes sense that greater academic pressure would set the stage for more ADHD diagnoses. Changes in how the disorder is diagnosed as well as aggressive marketing of ADHD drugs also contributed to the rise. Last but not least, kids with ADHD are sometimes eligible for special education services, so there likely are families who seek a diagnosis for their child (in order to help him or her receive appropriate services in school).

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ADHD assessments