Dear Parents, the reality is . . . waiting for your child to “grow out of” learning, reading, or attention difficulties is not really an option.
Learning struggles rarely go away with time. On the contrary, waiting and hoping a problem will go away without appropriate intervention will only lead to frustration, poor grades, low motivation, and time wasted in school.
What should you do? If you sense a struggle, find help now before an undiscovered learning weakness permanently limits your child’s potential. There are easy, affordable steps you can take. If you fear that your child has a learning challenge the first step is to have his or her cognitive skills assessed. A Cognitive skills assessment will uncover the source of the struggle, and guide you to a training strategy that can make the difference.

If cognitive skills weaknesses are at the root of your child’s trouble, traditional solutions -like tutoring- might not be the answer. If you would like to help your child, get in touch now!