Through your tremendous and continuous support to Adrian in the last 3 years, we have seen his wonderful improvement to his memory, level of concentration, and learning confidence.

By leveraging on your training program, we have seen him to be more confident and competent to his own learning. He has acquired the necessary knowhow and skill gradually to learn new things proactively. As his parents, we are certain that your regular coaching and guidance have helped him to catch up with his study needs at school or even performed better in selected subjects, like English, Maths and Science. Not only he has shown great improvement in his academic performance, but also he has shown growth when responding to everything around him. He has transformed into a more mature and sensitive boy who knows how to support his friends and classmates, and put efforts while doing a task satisfactorily.

We are so happy that Adrian has learned and grown so much in the past 3 years. Such great improvement should not be possible without your kind effort. We are quite sure that his great improvement will be a source of inspiration to other parents when their child may have similar problems as that of Adrian.