Super grateful

I am super grateful to find PowerBrain when Luc was growing. It’s one of the best decision I have made for him. Thank you!

Andrew Au-Yeung

Andrew has attended Powerbrain for the past one year, we have seen great improvement for him and he enjoyed the lessons and liked the teachers very much! We are thankful for your help especially for the guidance for interaction with school and emotional support for Andrew.

Yuki’s father

 I highly appreciate your great effort to teach Yuki. Again, thank you for your lessons. Yuki always says Mr. Christian is very nice and enjoys your lessons.

Charmaine (Ethan’s mother)’s thanks note to Adela

I would like to give you my sincere gratitude for all the help you have given Ethan all these years. Ethan has definitely improved a lot in terms of his focus and you have definitely contributed a big part to it. Many thanks once  again!

Lucas’s mom

Even during the bizarre time of the pandemic, my son has made big progress over the past year with the help of you and Miss Chloe. We are very grateful for that. Thank you very much!

Louis Bouju

Words can’t describe the feeling we have as a parents, seeing my boy progressing a lot since He joining a class at PowerBrain. His attentions, speeds and confidence level has grown, creating great results academically and He always excited to start his training Once again thank you so much to Mr.Christian, Ms. Chan and the […]


Thanks for your kind efforts in helping Betsy through cognitive training over the past year, and her new school is particularly impressed by Betsy’s capability to make the transition from a local school to an international school during her Grade 4 study.

Jamie’s mom

I want to thank you and Ms. Chloe for the trainings Jamie has been receiving.  We see his maturity in both academically and behaviorally, Thank you again!