“I am very happy I found PowerBrainRX in Hong Kong. We live in Norway and there are no such types of services available to help my autistic boy who is 7 years-old now. They provided the exact kinds of attention and cognitive trainings I have been looking for.  They evaluated his problem areas and implemented a customized plan to help him.  After only a few weeks, I have already noticed his attention span is longer.  He also liked his teacher and enjoyed the games very much.  When I come back for summer vacation next time, I will definitely use their services again.”

Elaine (mom of a 7 years-old autistic boy), 31 July 2015

我是Elisabeth, 今年43歲。很不幸,去年我中了風,大腦失去了很大部分的能力,其中包括專注力和記憶力。從此每天都變得很不一樣,基本上,我的生活各個層面都受到不同程度的衝擊。 因此,我決定參加PowerBrain Rx的高密度認知能力復原訓練。 經過訓練後,我現在可以重新集中精神,記憶力也明顯地好了。説來也奇怪,我覺得現在看東西和聼別人的話也清楚了很多,而且,對事物的理解來得更快及更好。我又再重新投入生活,連我丈夫也感覺到我變得更加投入,做事更有重心。可以說,PowerBrain Rx的認知訓練“重新啓動了我體内的機器”,讓我自豪地拾囘自信。 Elisabeth C. 2014年6月23日