Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Perception (CAB-PC)


  • In total, 7 cognitive skills are measured by the perception cognitive assessment. It lasts approximately 25-35 minutes.

  • At the end of the evaluation, you will automatically get a complete report of results with useful and comprehensible information about your perception skills.


  • Perception is the cognitive process that helps us understand our environment through the stimuli we capture through the sensory organs. The CogniFit assessment is intended for those who want to know the state of cognitive capacities related to perception. It is important to use this comprehensive cognitive test in addition to professional diagnosis and not as a substitute for the clinical interview.

  • The Perception Cognitive Assessment (CAB-PC) provides you with a precise assessment of relevant cognitive skills, such as your visual perception, estimation and recognition.

  • By completing your full cognitive assessment, you will gain different insights about your cognition and will understand what are your stronger skills and which ones could need some training.