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Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for people Over 65 (CAB-AG)


  • In total 6 cognitive skills are measured by this cognitive assessment. It lasts approximately 22-35 minutes.

  • At the end of the evaluation, you will automatically get a complete report of results with useful and comprehensible information about the present situation of your main cognitive skills.


  • As we age, our brains can lose some of their sharpness, which is why it is so important to keep our minds active. From a certain age, it is recommended to carry out a neuropsychological evaluation both to know the state of the functioning of cognitive abilities and to know if there are symptoms or signs related to a possible cognitive decline. It is important to use this complete neurocognitive test as a complement to professional diagnosis and not as a substitute for a clinical interview.

  • The 65 and Over Cognitive Assessment (CAB-AG) provides you with a precise assessment of relevant cognitive skills, such as your visual short-term memory, your hand-eye coordination, your divided attention and shifting.

  • By completing your cognitive assessment, you will gain different insights about your cognition and will understand what are your stronger skills and which ones could need some training.