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Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Driving (DAB)


  • In total, more than 10 cognitive skills are measured such as the ability to estimate distances, focus, shifting, visual scanning, and response time. It lasts approximately 30-40 minutes.

  • At the end of the evaluation, you will automatically get a complete report of results with useful and comprehensible information about your driving ability, performance, and skills.


  • The Cognitive Driving Assessment provides you with an assessment of a large number of cognitive skills which you use when driving. It should be noted that this driving test is not, and does not replace, the driving test, but rather explores other variables relevant to driving. Its main objective is to contribute to a low accident rate among vehicle drivers.

  • This test provides valuable information that can help us identify whether there is cognitive impairment or deficits in important aspects involved in driving (ability to estimate distances and speeds, manual dexterity, time perception, attention, auditory and visual perception, speed or reaction time, etc.).

  • By completing your driving assessment, you will gain important insights about your cognition and will understand what are your stronger skills while driving and which ones may benefit from additional training.