Online Cognitive Assessment Battery for Coordination (CAB-CO)


  • In total 4 cognitive skills are measured by the coordination cognitive assessment. It lasts approximately 25-35 minutes.

  • At the end of the evaluation, you will automatically get a complete report of results with useful and comprehensible information about your coordination skills.


  • As we age, we often begin to notice our coordination is reduced; we can even feel that we lose some mobility. In order to minimize the impact of this deterioration on our brain, it is highly recommended to take diagnostic tests early and maintain adequate cognitive stimulation. In addition, in some cases, a lack of mobility could be associated with a cognitive disorder or a major illness. This neuropsychological assessment is recommended for people who want to get a baseline measurement of their motor skills and coordination, or when there are symptoms or issues related to coordination. It is important to use this complete neurocognitive test as a complement to professional diagnosis and not as a substitute for a clinical interview.

  • The Coordination Cognitive Assessment (CAB-CO) provides you with a precise assessment of relevant cognitive skills, such as inhibition, hand-eye coordination and processing speed.

  • By completing your full cognitive assessment, you will gain different insights about your cognition and will understand what are your stronger skills and which ones could need some training.