Caregivers and scientists alike have noticed that familiar music can soothe Alzheimer’s patients. Now, a new imaging study shows what’s happening in the brain when that happens. Listening to personal music lit up the visual network, the salience network, and several other parts of the brain, showing higher functional connectivity. As Dr. Norman Foster notes, it may be “an alternative route for communicating with patients who have Alzheimer’s disease.”

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看護人員和科學家均留意到,熟悉的音樂有助安撫阿茲海默症的病人。一項最新的腦部造影研究把音樂對病人大腦的影響一一展現出來。通過聆聽熟悉的音樂,病人的視覺網絡、警覺網絡及其他大腦部分得到適量的刺激,整體的功能性連結都顯得較爲活躍。正如諾曼博士(Dr. Norman Foster)所言,這可能是「另一條與阿茲海默症病人溝通的途徑­」。