21st century kids, raised on screens, are finding it less and less exciting to play offline—and especially to play outdoors. But kids who rarely engage with nature, experts say, are actually losing a lot, in terms of healthy development and stimulation.

Read more and follow the link http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2015-8-18-why-spending-time-nature-good-kids.  This article was written by and for US people, but the principles are actually universal. Furthermore, we also have great natural parks and hiking trails to be proud of in Hong Kong, so no excuses, take them out! 🙂

nature deficit disorder 5



要了解更多有關資料,請參閲link http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2015-8-18-why-spending-time-nature-good-kids.  這篇文章的作者是美國人,但所涉及內容普遍通用。此外,香港有很多值得自豪的自然郊野公園和遠足徑,所以不要再找藉口,帶孩子去走走吧! 🙂

nature deficit disorder 5