We want our kids to be confident of their own abilities, but we also want them to be appreciative of the help and support they get from others. Since children begin life naturally self-centered, let’s just say they can be a bit oblivious about other people’s feelings. That’s why, especially around the holidays, it can be useful to think about how we can help children learn to say thanks—and mean it.

Studies show that grateful people are happier people. And when kids learn to focus on what and who they’re grateful for, and practice expressing their thanks, they feel more confident and connected, too.

Read these “10 Tips for Raising Grateful Kids” provided by childmind.org —ways to help your children tune into what others have done for them and what they can do in return:  http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2015-11-24-10-tips-raising-grateful-kids




閱讀以下網站:「培養懂得感恩的孩子的十個秘訣」,由childmind.org提供,教你如何讓孩子認識別人對自己的幫助,及自己可以做什麼以回報他人: http://www.childmind.org/en/posts/articles/2015-11-24-10-tips-raising-grateful-kids