PowerBrain Rx continue to expand and plan to add more centres to its existing 4 locations!

We are especially looking for cognitive brain trainers for our New Territories centre (Fotan/Shatin). 

Both full-time (afternoons in weekdays + 1/2 day on Saturdays) and part-time (flexible timetable) positions are available for people:

– reliable, energetic, positive, patient and professional;

– not necessarily Chinese speakers;

– with a strong desire to help struggling students. Experienced with teaching children of all ages is a definite advantage.

For more information, visit www.powerbrainrx.com and email us at contact@powerbrainrx.com.

PowerBrain Rx 持續擴展及計劃於四個地點增加更多中心!


不論全職(周一至周五下午 + 周六半天)或兼職(可協商工作時間),符合以下條件者請聯絡我們:

  1. 可信賴、有活力、正面、有耐性之專業人士

  2. 能操基本英語

  3. 有照顧兒童經驗並願意幫助有學習困難學童