“Depression” is a broad category. People diagnosed with depression often have very different symptoms: some sleep too much and others can’t sleep enough, some lose weight and others gain, and so on. In an exciting new study using fMRI (brain imaging), researchers looked at connectivity in the brain to find biological markers that might distinguish different types of depression. They came up with four subtypes—a finding that if replicated, may pave the road for better diagnosis and more targeted treatment.

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“抑鬱症”一詞涵蓋廣泛, 被確診患有抑鬱症的人,他們各自的症狀往往有很大的差異。有些人會睡眠過多,而另一些則睡眠不足;有些人會體重上升,而另一些則體重下降等等。在一項令人振奮的新研究中,研究人員利用功能性磁振造影(即fMRI,是一種腦影像),研究大腦中的連通性,從而找出不同抑鬱症類型的生理標記,以作區分。 最终,他們確定出四種抑鬱症亞型 。通過重覆這個實驗,或許能為將來的仰鬱症診斷治療鋪路,令診斷和治療更好及更具針對性。