When they think they are “Weird”.

The last thing most kids want is to look different from their friends. So when kids get pulled out of class for tutoring or called on by the teacher for something they’re afraid they can’t deliver, they may feel embarrassed and singled out.

These experiences day after day can damage a child’s self-esteem and make her dread going to school.

What to do:

  • Ask teachers to be sensitive to how kids are feeling.

  • Single kids out for praise, too. Kids who are struggling in school may feel like they are mostly getting negative attention. When teachers make a special effort to give kids positive attention for the things that they are doing right—even little things—it can improve their mood and confidence.

  • Find the right academic environment. Sometimes kids feel like they stick out because they need more assistance than they are currently getting. Work with the school and your child’s provider to consider what his needs are and if they are being met. He may need more accommodations, a different kind of tutoring, or even a change of school


大部分孩子都不希望與自己的朋友看起來不一樣,所以當他們被調離課室去作其它輔導,又或者當老師要求他做一些事情, 自己害怕做不來時,他們便會感到尷尬和被孤立。



  • 請老師多關注孩子的感受

  • 多稱讚孩子有學習困難的孩子總會覺得自己在學校中得到的關注都是負面的,所以當孩子“順利地”完成一件任務時,無論事情多細微,老師都可以稱讚孩子,以改善他們的情緒和自信心。

  • 為孩子尋找適當的學習環境:雖然自己已經得到照顧和幫助,但因爲對照顧的需求總是與日俱增,孩子會覺得自己有別於其他人。家長可以與學校和老師合作,了解孩子的需要,並查看他們的需要是否得到滿足。因爲他可能需要更多的調適,又或者要改用另一種輔導方法,甚至必要時要轉校。