Difficulty with reading is what people most associate with learning disorders, but there are some kids who struggle with numbers rather than words.

A math-based learning disorder is not the same thing as math anxiety:

  • Math anxiety is the nervousness that makes it hard for some kids to perform well on things like math tests.

  • Math disorder makes it hard to grasp basic math functions and concepts, and it’s called dyscalculia.

Young children with dyscalculia have difficulty recognizing numbers, learning to count, seeing patterns, and putting things in order. When they get to school they struggle with addition, subtraction and multiplication, not to speak of word problems and graphs and charts. Identifying dyscalculia can be a huge relief to kids, who can learn how to compensate for their weaknesses and take advantage of their strengths.

Read all about it on childmind.org:  http://childmind.org/article/how-to-spot-dyscalculia/



  • 數學焦慮是指緊張的情緒妨礙兒童在數學運算,特別是數學測驗時的表現。

  • 數學學習障礙是指很難去掌握數學的基本原理及概念,這亦可簡稱爲數學障礙。


詳細請參看: childmind.org:  http://childmind.org/article/how-to-spot-dyscalculia/