Learning difficulties or disabilities?

Our face-to-face, private consultations provide for many individuals and families the moment when everything suddenly makes sense.

Learning is actually a rather complex process because many interrelated cognitive skills contribute to learning and applying what we have learned. Our experienced Directors are here to decode for you all those many technical and medical terms surrounding the most important cognitive skills:

  1. Attention/concentration – the ability to focus and stay on a task for extended periods of time….especially on boring, uninteresting and/or difficult subjects!
  2. Working memory – the ability to retain some information for short periods of time while processing or using it.
  3. Processing speed – the rate at which the brain handles information….how fast can you understand, read and react?
  4. Long-term memory – the ability to store and recall information for later use. In other words, your “data bank”.
  5. Visual processing – the ability to perceive, analyze, and think in visual images….very important in the classroom!
  6. Auditory processing – the ability to perceive, analyze, and conceptualize what is heard. Clearly, a very important process to acquire foreign languages too!
  7. Planning and logic – the abilities to reason, prioritize, and solve problems.

You will finally understand how our unique cognitive skill strengths and weaknesses are behind many of the successes—and struggles—your child (or yourself) have been experiencing. And with this new knowledge, you can finally and clearly choose the most appropriate way to tackle your issues.

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