1. Most memories disappear within minutes, but those that survive the fragile period strengthen with time.

2. Long-term memories are formed in a two-way conversation between the hippocampus and the cortex, until the hippocampus breaks the connection and the memory is fixed in the cortex–which can take years.

3. Our brains give us only an approximate view of reality, because they mix new knowledge with past memories and store them together as one.

4. The way to make long-term memory more reliable is to incorporate new information gradually and repeat it in timed intervals.

1. 大部分信息只能維持在我們的記憶中幾分鐘,一但它們能渡過這幾分鐘的脆弱期,這些記憶便會隋時間而加強。

2. 長期記憶建立於大腦海馬體和皮質層的雙向連結上,直到海馬體斷開連結,記憶便會留在皮質層內,這過程可能經歷長達數年。

3. 大腦提供給我們的並不是準確的事實,因為大腦把新知識混入舊記憶中,再一同儲存起來。

4. 把新的知識逐步地儲存起來,再定期重溫,這方法可以令長期記憶更加牢固。