Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day (1 July) – 香港特別行政區成立紀念日


We are closed on 01/07. Enjoy the HK SAR establishment day! – 香港特別行政區成立紀念日 本中心休息一天

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Myths About ADHD (1) – 對專注力不足及過度活躍障礙(ADHD)的誤解 (1)


(1) Kids outgrow ADHD. An estimated 60% of children with ADHD maintain the disorder into adulthood. If left untreated, adult ADHD...

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10 Things Every Child with Dyslexia Wants You to Know – 讀寫障礙的孩子想你知道的十件事


– 1.  我並不是愚蠢或懶惰,我只是需要時間去把事情做好。 2.  我有讀寫障礙,但我在其他方面仍然可以做得很好。 3.  我可能需要花較長時...

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How learning a new language changes your brain – at any age! – 學習一種新的語言可以改變任何人的大腦 – 不論年齡!


We all know that learning a second language is a great, healthy thing to do for your brain, but new research has discovered that ...

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Why Is Screentime Bad for Young Children? – 為什麼看屏幕會對幼童有害?


Dr. Kimberly Noble on one-on-one time and language development.  Even what we might think as “educational” programmin...

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We are closed on 20/06.  Happy Tuen Ng/Dragon Boat Festival! – 端午佳節 本中心休息一天

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How does the brain use food as energy? – 大腦如何把食物轉化為能量?


The brain is an energy-hungry organ. Despite comprising only 2 percent of the body’s weight, the brain gobbles up more than 20 pe...

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Can blood type affect brain health? – 血型會影響大腦健康?


New in The Scientific American: Blood type may affect brain function as we age, according to a new large, long-term study. People...

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