Testimonial – 推薦


“My children have joined PowerBrain for almost 3 months. I found this program could provide comprehensive training to improve the...

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Most people associate learning disorders with dyslexia—with children who have trouble learning to read, even though they’re...

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Do Video Games Cause ADHD? – 電子遊戲會導致過度活躍?


No. But kids with attention problems are especially drawn to them because they are so constantly stimulating that staying focused...

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Autistic behaviour and illnesses – 自閉症行為


Margaret Bauman, a neurologist who has treated children with autism for 25 years, makes a very compelling case that some of the b...

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About 83% of brain development continues after birth. – 大腦的發育,約百分之八十三是在出生後完成的。


A baby girl’s brain will not completely finish its wiring until she is in her early 20s. Boys’ brains may take even l...

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Praise effort — not talent or intelligence. – 正面地教育孩子﹕ 稱讚孩子


Instead of saying, “You got that problem right. You’re so smart,” say “You worked hard on those problems and you figured them out...

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Brain Rules — Exercise boosts brain power! – 大腦守則 — 運動增強腦力!


Exercise! Our brains were built for walking – 12 miles a day! To improve your thinking skills, move. Exercise gets blood to your ...

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Brain Rules — Sleep well, think well! – 大腦守則 — 睡得好,思考敏銳


SLEEP! The brain is in a constant state of tension between cells and chemicals that try to put you to sleep and cells and chemica...

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Myths About ADHD (2) – 對專注力不足及過度活躍障礙(ADHD)的誤解 (2)


(2) ADHD only affects school performance. ADHD impacts a child’s functioning in all areas of his life, not just the classro...

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