Children in Multilingual Homes Communicate More Effectively – 在使用多種語言的家庭成長的孩子更懂得與人溝通


A new study published in Psychological Science has found that children raised in multilingual households tend to communicate more...

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Meditation Changes the Brain – 冥想改變大腦


The effects of mindfulness and meditation on memory, happiness, and stress have been increasingly studied in recent years. Now, a...

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Like Spicy Food? You Might Live Longer! – 喜歡吃辛辣食物 你可以更長壽!


A recent study in 500,000 Chinese people has found an association between consumption of spicy foods and living longer. The study...

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Does a Better Memory Make You a Better Liar? – 良好的記憶力會令你更善於說謊?


A new study in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology finds that has found that kids who are good at memorizing are better ...

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Why Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature – 為什麼小孩需要花時間在大自然


21st century kids, raised on screens, are finding it less and less exciting to play offline—and especially to play outdoors. But ...

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New baby at home – How a New Father’s Brain Changes – 新生嬰兒在家-新手爸爸的大腦如何改變


MRI research has found that new fathers experience brain growth in regions associated with decision-making, emotion regulation, a...

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Cycling May Benefit the Brain – 踏單車對大腦的益處


Two recent studies have looked at the benefits of cycling and found that it may benefit the brain in a variety of ways: In The Ne...

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Myths about Dyslexia (3) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (3)


“Children with dyslexia aren’t as smart as other children.” Dyslexia is not related to IQ. Children with dyslex...

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Testimonial – 推薦


“After my Summer training at PowerBrain Rx, my Chinese teacher said that I have improved my memory, she also feels that I am more...

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