Myths about Dyslexia (3) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (3)


“Children with dyslexia aren’t as smart as other children.” Dyslexia is not related to IQ. Children with dyslex...

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Testimonial – 推薦


“After my Summer training at PowerBrain Rx, my Chinese teacher said that I have improved my memory, she also feels that I am more...

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Special public holiday – 70th Anniversary of Japan’s Surrender. – 額外公衆假期 – 抗戰勝利70周年紀念日


All our centres are closed on Thursday 03/09. Enjoy the holiday and see you on Friday !   – Power Brain Rx 所有中心於九月三...

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What happens to the brain as we age? – 隨著年齡增長,大腦到底有什麼轉變?


Not all brains age the same, just as not all bodies age the same. Intense basic and clinical  research aims at understanding the ...

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Myths About Dyslexia (2) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (2)


“People with dyslexia see words backwards.” Children with dyslexia have problems with decoding and recognizing words,...

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Myths About ADHD (4) – 對專注力不足及過度活躍障礙(ADHD)的誤解 (4)


“Fewer girls have ADHD than boys.” Even though there are fewer reports of ADHD in girls than in boys, there is no evi...

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Brain Rules — Every brain is wired differently – 大腦守則 — 大腦運作的規則因人而異


Wiring What you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like-it literally rewires it. The various regions o...

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Healthy diets make brighter brains – 健康飲食令大腦更聰明


In a wide study of nearly 28,000 people aged 55 and older, researchers found that those who ate healthy foods had a smaller drop ...

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Teen drinking impacts memory and learning long term – 酒精對青少年的記憶和學習有深遠的影響


Adolescents who drink heavily may cause long-lasting damage to a part of the brain that deals with memory and learning. All detai...

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