School mornings without the stress – 沒有壓力的早晨


Getting kids ready and out the door for school is a daily struggle for many families. Child Mind Institute psychologist David And...

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Myths about Dyslexia (5). – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (5).


“Kids grow out of dyslexia.” Dyslexia is a lifelong condition, and adults with dyslexia continue to find reading more...

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For Pain Management, Meditation Beats Placebo! – 處理痛症,冥想比安慰劑更有效!


A recent study published in the Journal of Neuroscience has found that mindfulness meditation practices are more successful at re...

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Depression May Shrink Brain’s Memory Areas – 抑鬱症可能會導致大腦的記憶區收縮


Research involving over 9,000 people worldwide has found that people with recurrent depression experience a shrinking of the hipp...

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Testimonial – 推薦


I would like to take this opportunity to first thank my friend who recommended me to come to PowerBrain Rx. Then, of course, a bi...

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Scientists Add a Sixth Taste – 科學家新增第六種味覺


We used to be content with salty, bitter, sweet, and sour. Then we added umami to the mix. Now, scientists have added a sixth uni...

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Myths about dyslexia (4) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (4)


“More boys than girls have dyslexia.” In fact the prevalence of the disorder is nearly identical in the two sexes. – ...

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Coffee nap! – 咖啡盹!


You are feeling tired and you wonder if you should take a nap or drink coffee? Here comes the “coffee nap” (drinking coffee follo...

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“Selfish Jerks”vs Nice Guys: a brain comparison, or the neuroscience of being a selfish jerk – 「自私鬼」與大好人: 大腦的比較 / 有關自私鬼的神經科學


A team of Hungarian scientists has undertaken the rather unenviable task of studying people deemed as having “Machiavellian” tend...

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