Myths about dyslexia (4) – 對讀寫障礙(Dyslexia)的誤解 (4)


“More boys than girls have dyslexia.” In fact the prevalence of the disorder is nearly identical in the two sexes. – ...

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Coffee nap! – 咖啡盹!


You are feeling tired and you wonder if you should take a nap or drink coffee? Here comes the “coffee nap” (drinking coffee follo...

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“Selfish Jerks”vs Nice Guys: a brain comparison, or the neuroscience of being a selfish jerk – 「自私鬼」與大好人: 大腦的比較 / 有關自私鬼的神經科學


A team of Hungarian scientists has undertaken the rather unenviable task of studying people deemed as having “Machiavellian” tend...

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Is That Olive Oil Really Good For You? – 橄欖油真的適合你嗎?


Many people have heard that olive oil is beneficial for overall health—including brain health. But there are many things that can...

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Stress During Pregnancy Affects Baby’s Brain – 懷孕期間的壓力會影響嬰兒的大腦


A new study published in Endocrinology reports that stress during the first trimester of pregnancy can lead to changes in the bra...

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Insomnia: what happens when your brain doesn’t sleep? – 失眠:當您的大腦不睡覺會出現什麼問題?


We are always stressing how important sleep is for good brain function and long-term cognitive health. But what happens when your...

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To Heal From Brain Injury Faster, Get Moving! – 要讓大腦創傷快點瘉合,趕快動起來吧!


A new study designed by a Cleveland Clinic nurse has found that people who are recovering from brain injuries have better long-te...

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Children in Multilingual Homes Communicate More Effectively – 在使用多種語言的家庭成長的孩子更懂得與人溝通


A new study published in Psychological Science has found that children raised in multilingual households tend to communicate more...

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Meditation Changes the Brain – 冥想改變大腦


The effects of mindfulness and meditation on memory, happiness, and stress have been increasingly studied in recent years. Now, a...

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