Science has great news for people who read actual books – 科學為閱讀書本的人帶來好消息


It’s no secret that reading is good for you. Just six minutes of reading is enough to reduce stress by 68%, and numerous st...

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Of the importance of being grateful – 感恩的重要性


We want our kids to be confident of their own abilities, but we also want them to be appreciative of the help and support they ge...

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ADHD and sleep disorders: are kids getting misdiagnosed? – 專注力不足過度活躍 (ADHD)還是睡眠不足:孩子會否被誤診?


Children who don’t get enough sleep can be fidgety, distracted, forgetful, and impulsive. Sound familiar? Those behaviors a...

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About child anxiety… – 關於兒童焦慮症


Child anxiety is a widely misunderstood condition, especially when the child also has developmental delays. Anxiety doesn’t alway...

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Why We’re Quicker To Blame than Praise – 為什麽我們都傾向責備多於讚美


Recent research has shown why we may be more quick to blame others for their actions, instead of praise them, and it all comes do...

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Why Sweets Stay on Your Mind – 為什麼糖果會留在您的記憶中


Recent research from Georgia State University has found that a meal with a sweet element—like sugar or artificial sugar—is more l...

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To the brain, all Languages look alike – 對大腦來說,所有語言都非常相似


In the brain, Chinese and English are more similar than they look on paper. Scientists have long known the complex processes invo...

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The Truth About Tea’s Health Benefits – 關於茶的健康功效的真相


A recent article in the New York Times sifted through mountains of studies and metadata to look at the actual proven health benef...

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Do you know about Selective Mutism? – 您知道什麽是選擇性失語症嗎?


Selective Mutism (SM) is an anxiety disorder in which a child who is talkative at home is unable to speak in other settings, such...

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