The Importance of Forgetting for Your Brain—and You


We often think of forgetting as a negative—a sign of a brain that’s not quite as sharp as we’d like. But active forgetting is bui...

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Can computers outperform doctors in determining consciousness?


When someone is in the hospital, whether they are conscious or not is determined by a bedside exam—but those exams aren’t always ...

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No quick fix for ADHD but a variety of different strategies


There is no quick fix for ADHD. Although medication can help treat people’s symptoms, it’s only part of an overall ADHD tre...

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Your brain rewards you twice when you eat


In a new imaging study, scientists have discovered why people may overeat foods they enjoy: because by getting a bigger dopamine ...

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Can placebos actually work?


“Placebos” are harmless treatments that supposedly do no real good, even if a patient thinks they do. But new research suggests t...

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Not So Bird-Brained After All


A lot of people don’t associate intelligence with birds, but crows are surprisingly smart animals. In one recent study, researche...

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Skills affected by ADHD


ADHD doesn’t only affect the ability to focus. Here’s a look at the kind of skills ADHD can affect:

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Mind Reading


After many years of work, scientists are getting closer to developing brain implants that may read electrical impulses in the bra...

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Chinese New Year Holidays


Dear All, Parents and Students, For Chinese New Year, please note that all our 4 centres will be closed from Saturday 02 February...

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