Alzheimer’s and Sleep


A new study from UCSF shows that Alzheimer’s disease destroys cells in regions of the brain that help to keep up awake. That like...

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Dreaming your memories away


For years, scientists have known that sleep helps the brain consolidate memories. Now, new research in mice has found that during...

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Shrink your brain (in a good way) with meditation and yoga


New research shows that practicing meditation and yoga can affect the size of certain brain structures. In particular, the right ...

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Shrink your brain (in a bad way) with high blood pressure


A study conducted at University College London has found that high blood pressure in your 40s can have a long-lasting impact on t...

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Breakfast and ADHD


Breakfast is especially important for children with attention challenges. Without it your child’s brain will produce stress hormo...

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Awe is Awesome for You


Research shows that experiencing the feeling of awe can be good for you—and your community. It humbles us and helps us see oursel...

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The most common symptom of Dementia


What do you think is the most common symptom of dementia? A lot of people might guess memory loss, but the answer is actually apa...

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Is the internet changing our brains?


A new report completed by an international team of researchers concluded that internet use can make significant changes in our at...

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Hearing aids may help protect the brain


How’s your hearing? If it’s not as good as you’d like, you might want to look into a hearing aid. New research shows that wearing...

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