We live (slightly) in the past


It takes some time—about 120 milliseconds—for our brains to process what we sense. So, what we think is happening “right now” is ...

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No quick fix for ADHD but a variety of different strategies


There is no quick fix for ADHD. Although medication can help treat people’s symptoms, it’s only part of an overall ADHD tre...

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We process a song’s lyric and melody on different sides of the brain


Researchers at McGill University in Canada have found that our brains process the lyrics and the melody of a song on entirely dif...

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The awesome upside of the teenage brain


You may have heard that in teenagers, the “rational” brain develops later than the “emotional” one. A lot of the talk about teena...

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Flooding in the post-stroke brain


After a stroke, the brain can be flooded by salty water, causing a swelling known as cerebral oedema. For many years, scientists ...

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Is selfie culture affecting memory?


Research suggests that taking digital photos—a hobby that has exploded in the era of social media—may compromise memory. There ar...

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The amazing plasticity of the human brain


In rare cases, neurological conditions require that half of a child’s brain be removed. “Whenever we looked at their brain scans,...

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Soybean oil changes the brain?


In the U.S., the most widely consumed oil is soybean oil. Prior research has shown that this oil is related to obesity, diabetes,...

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April is Autism awareness month


At PowerBrainRx, we have an assessment to diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and we can start cognitive training right after...

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