Socializing for grey matter


Research has previously shown that a rich social life can have cognitive benefits, but a new study takes it a step further. The s...

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Are Women’s brains different from Men’s?


Over the past 30 years, a lot of research has gone into seeking out differences between the “male” and “female” brain. But while ...

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Learning more about Covid-19 in the brain


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, scientists are learning more about how the virus affects the brain. The news isn’t good. One ...

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Déjà Vu is good for you


Do you ever have the experience of déjà vu? Do you have it as often now as you used to? Research suggests that although déjà vu s...

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Cognitive and Behavioural Training


PowerBrainRx does not teach academic subject matter; rather, it trains the underlying cognitive skills (such as attention, memory...

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Use paper for better memory


A new study conducted in Japan shows that students remember information better when they write notes using a pen on paper—not usi...

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Are You a Face “Super-Recognizer”?


It’s pretty clear that some people are much better at remembering faces than others. In fact, some people are considered “super-r...

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Rethinking animal intelligence


Humans often identify certain types of animals as especially smart—mostly primates closely related to humans, like great apes, an...

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Stay Positive


A long-term study that followed people for several years has found that “positive affect”—feeling upbeat and cheerful—is associat...

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