Margaret Bauman, a neurologist who has treated children with autism for 25 years, makes a very compelling case that some of the behaviours commonly associated with autism have been misunderstood. Dr. Bauman is talking about things like repetitive motions, grimacing, head-banging, meltdowns, even aggression—things kids with autism do but we often don’t have a clue why they’re doing them. Her experience is that these perplexing behaviours can often be traced to medical conditions that are causing kids distress but haven’t been diagnosed.

The good news: treating the illness alleviates the problem behaviour, too.


Margaret Bauman 是一位神經科學家,她 有25年治療自閉症小孩的經驗。根據她的研究和觀測,有足夠的證據顯示,我們常常錯誤解讀一些與自閉症有關的行爲。Dr. Bauman所說的,是那些自閉孩子做的重復動作、扮鬼臉、撞頭、崩潰狀態,甚至攻擊行爲。它們看似毫無原因,但Dr. Bauman發現這些令人費解的行爲,可能是出於孩子的健康問題,這些問題造成孩子的身體不適,而往往又沒有人發現孩子的身體正出現問題。