The Teen Brain: 7 things to know

Did you know that big and important changes are happening in the brain during adolescence? Here are 7 things to know about the teen brain: The brain reaches its biggest size in early adolescence. For girls, the brain reaches its biggest size around 11 years old. For boys, the brain reaches its biggest size around age 14. But this difference […]

New study: short-term mindfulness does not change the brain

Some research has suggested that practicing mindfulness can drive structural changes in the brain. But the results of a new MRI study conducted at the University of Wisconsin-Madison showed that eight weeks of mindfulness training did not result in brain changes. The study researchers pointed out that perhaps changing the brain requires more than eight […]

A new take on “good” sleep

A lot of us think that a good night’s sleep means you wake up rarely, or even better, not at all. A new study suggests that might not be the case. The study (conducted in mice, which have similar sleep mechanisms to humans) showed that neurologically, it’s likely we wake up very briefly about 100 […]

3 areas of self-control affected by ADHD

If your child has a learning and thinking difference like ADHD, you might notice some difficulties with self-control. Talking out of turn, becoming easily frustrated, and having trouble sitting still are all signs of self-control challenges. Self-control is part of a group of skills called executive function. Children develop these skills over time. There are three […]

Keep working for better cognitive function

Retiring early is appealing in many ways—but it may not be the best choice for your brain. A recent examination of 20,000 people suggests that those who keep working later in life experience less cognitive decline than those who stop working earlier. (Of course, there are many ways to keep your brain active and healthy […]

The latest on alcohol and the brain

The news on the effects of alcohol and the brain is still developing. While some studies show that drinking (red) wine or other alcoholic drinks in moderation may have positive effects, a new study has a different result. It shows that drinking just four drinks a week results in more iron in the brain, which […]

No quick fix for ADHD but a variety of different strategies

There is no quick fix for ADHD. Although medication can help treat people’s symptoms, it’s only part of an overall ADHD treatment strategy. Another significant element of that strategy are Cognitive and Behavioral training and techniques, such as the ones developed here in Hong Kong by PowerBrain Rx. For many years, it has proven to […]

A simpler way to diagnose Alzheimer’s

It isn’t easy to diagnose Alzheimer’s. It generally takes a series of tests that can take weeks or months to conduct. But using a new algorithm with MRI technology, scientists have now developed a single test that can diagnose Alzheimer’s with 98% accuracy. What’s more, the test can detect early-stage Alzheimer’s in most cases. Learn […]

Memory in Music

A wonderful study out of the University of Toronto has shown that listening to music that holds a special meaning for a person can strengthen cognitive function in early-stage Alzheimer’s patients. Repeatedly listening to that music changed neural pathways in the study participants in ways that improved memory performance. More details about it here, on […]