When we think of dyslexia, we think of kids having trouble with reading. But dyslexia, which is by far the most common learning disability, isn’t just about reading. Because it involves difficulty with linguistic “decoding” — recognizing and manipulating the sounds that are the building blocks of language — it can also make it harder for kids to write, to spell and to retrieve words when they are speaking. And since kids with dyslexia are often ashamed of their problems with reading, it can take a toll on their self-esteem, too.

The good news is that once kids with dyslexia get a diagnosis — and understand that they’re not stupid or lazy — they begin to feel much better about themselves. And with the right support, they can thrive in (and out of) school.

Here is a comprehensive “Parents guide to dyslexia” from ChildMind Institute to navigate through it all : http://childmind.org/guide/parents-guide-to-dyslexia



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