Here are some factors that can make school and social issues more stressful. Understanding these challenges may make it easier for you to figure out how to support our child:

1. Your child worries he can’t keep up.
Instead of focusing on the lesson being taught, he’s distracted by how much more everyone seems to know.

2. Your child has a hard time making friends.
If he has social skill issues, he may not have friends he can open up to or blow off steam with.

3. Your child takes longer to complete homework and classwork – and it takes more effort.
That leaves him more exhausted, and with less down time to recharge.

4. Your child experiences failure more than success.
As a result, he may be anxious and fearful about tests, new social situation and more.

5. Your child lacks coping skills.
He may not be able to break down difficult projects into smaller pieces or spread out assignments over time. He may be rigid and get flustered by changes at school.

6. Your child worries about standing out or being “discovered”.
Instead of raising his hand and asking questions, he may simply fall behind. He may worry about being seen with his reading aide and “forget” to go see her.

7. Your child doesn’t have the self-awareness to know he needs help.
This is all the more reason to stay tuned-in to his behavior and ask questions about what’s going on with school and friends.

8. Your child can sense your stress.
He’s absorbing your conversations about him in the front seat of the car and your worries about whether he’ll be able to go to college.


  • 孩子擔心趕不上別人


  • 孩子無法結交朋友


  • 孩子完成功課和堂上作業都比人慢 – 比別人要花更多力氣


  • 孩子失敗的經驗多於成功


  • 孩子缺乏應對技巧


  • 孩子害怕自己太顯眼或被關注


  • 孩子沒有意識到自己需要幫忙


  • 孩子會感到家長的壓力