Can eating specific kinds of bacteria change the brain? Although in its early stages, some research suggests that gut bacteria may affect brain function, especially mood—and what you eat can influence your bacterial balance. Now, neuroscientists are trying to figure out how bacteria positively affect the brain in hopes that such knowledge will lead to “psychobiotics”—bacteria-based drugs that could improve mental health.

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吃某種細菌可以改善腦筋?  雖然現在還是在初期研究階段,但這些研究發現,腸道菌有機會影響大腦功能,特別是心情,而我們所吃的東西會影響腸道内細菌的平衡。

現在,神經學家努力地研究細菌如何正面地影響我們的腦袋,希望籍此可以發現”精神益生菌” –  以細菌為基礎的藥物,用以改善大腦健康。

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