Two recent studies have given some clues about why some people are better at learning languages than others. Both studies used brain scans to see what was happening in the brains of those who learned more and less easily—one for English speakers learning Mandarin, and the other for an intensive online French course. This information may eventually help improve language-learning capabilities.

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最近有兩項研究提供了一些線索,解釋了為什麼有些人的語言學習能力比其他人強。 這兩個研究使用腦部掃描,看看那些學習外語較爲得心應手的人,他們的大腦展現了些什麼 。 一項研究對象是一組以英語為母語的人,他們參與普通話學習;另一項研究對象則參與一個密集式的網上在線法語課程。 這些研究資料,最終可能有助於提高大家的語言學習能力。