Prior scientific research has shown that children have a unique reaction to the sound of their mother’s voice. Now, a group of researchers from Stanford has taken a look at brain circuitry and discovered how that reaction looks in the brain. Their finding: a mother’s voice immediately activates multiple brain areas that another woman’s voice does not.

A report from CBS news:

過去的科學研究已經指出,嬰孩對母親的聲線會有獨特的反應。現在,一班來自史丹福大學的研究生開展了對大腦環路的研究,並發現嬰孩對母親聲線的反應是如何在大腦內呈現出來。他們發現: 母親的聲線能即時刺激數個大腦區域,但其他女人的聲線卻做不到。

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