Research-based tips to flex your cortex and improve cognitive performance.

Tip 2: Limit information.

Thanks to our technology-driven and uber-connected world, the sheer volume of information we are exposed to every day is nearly 200 times more than we were exposed to 20 years ago! Research shows that this information overload comes at a price. High-performing minds are more efficient at knowing what to block out and what to keenly pay attention to. Limit what you take in to enhance your brain’s natural ability to block out what does not matter.


 貼士2: 限制資訊

由於科技及互聯網的發達,我們每天接觸到的資訊量差不多是二十年前的兩百倍! 研究顯示,這種信息超載是要付出代價的。高性能的大腦爲什麽會更有效率,因爲它懂得分辨要阻隔什麼及要集中接收什麼資訊。限制資訊的接收量有助加強我們大腦阻隔不相關資訊的天然能力。